Rwanda Rwanda Huye


$7,000 needed of $14,000

Implementing Organization

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM)

Program Summary

The project is aimed at helping the vulnerable families of Southern province of Rwanda and specifically in the Huye district, Gishamvu sector, Kiduha cell, and Ryakibogo village, in the reduction of poverty and malnutrition through the production of fruits and vegetables.

Success Stories

Vegetable Farming for a Brighter Tomorrow

Alphonse, the head of one of the approximately 400 farming households in the program, says growing vegetables had been a new concept for him. Before receiving training, he and his family bought them at the local market. But then he joined the program and got hands-on instruction on sustainable dryland farming at a demonstration plot. He and other farmers received fertilizer, seeds and tools, and prepared kitchen gardens at home. Now that he’s an old hand at improving soil fertility and moisture through composting and mulching, his results have been excellent. So good, in fact, that he says he’s committed to growing vegetables to improve his family’s health, and selling any excess to increase their income.

Conservation agriculture has been a great impetus for change in the lives of smallholder farmers in this drought-prone region. The program, led by Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM), focuses on increasing food security through a variety of means. In addition to agriculture practices, participants learn how fruits and vegetables improve nutrition for the whole family, but particularly children under five. Savings groups, peer-to-peer exchanges of knowledge and a “train the trainers” practice ensures the sustainability of the efforts.

Nyirakamana, the head of a household in another town, said she’s had a complete shift in mindset as she’s embraced vegetable agriculture. She’s always farmed, but the traditional farming practices she knew were no longer serving her as the climate became drier. She had limited resources and no idea how to turn things around. She hesitated even to join the program, since she had not been offered such an opportunity before and doubted she’d qualify.

The prospect of transformation ignited hope in Nyirakamana. She employs her newfound knowledge as she prepares the soil, plants, harvests and markets her vegetables with support from NCM staff. She actively involves her five children in carrying out the work, knowing that it will provide them with valuable skills and resources for their future. They are already enjoying greater food security, a more nutritious diet, and the benefits of a better income. Nyirakamana looks at this experience as a journey toward resilience, self-reliance, and a brighter tomorrow for all of them.

Rwanda Huye Program
Led by Nazarene Compassionate Ministries