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$103,997 needed of $120,000

Implementing Organization

World Renew

Program Summary

Senegal is located on the Western tip of Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the countries of Mauritania, Mali, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau and surrounding The Gambia. Senegal is often referred to as ‘the land of hospitality’, whose peace and safety stands out in a region where neighboring countries experience jihadism, coups, and military rule. It has close to 18 million inhabitants, half of whom live in rural areas and are typically engaged in agriculture or animal husbandry.

The Serere ethnic group is the smallest and most conservative of the three major ethnicities in the country. Women in the Serere ethnic group typically work in their husband’s fields to contribute to the family’s nutrition, but unlike many of their neighboring ethnic groups, Serere women do not own any of these crops. This program is serving these vulnerable women by helping them to form women’s associations.

The program combines food security and nutrition programming to improve the well-being of farmer households in 20 villages in the Fatick and Tambacounda regions of Senegal. Through training and coaching on nutrition, establishing Community Agriculture Forums, and training and coaching on sustainable dry and rainy season agriculture, World Renew and local partner Église Luthérienne du Sénégal (Lutheran Church of Senegal), aim to improve the food security and health of 750 households in 20 villages.