Liberia Sierra Leone Liberia Youth


$36,989 needed of $61,800

Implementing Organization

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Program Summary

This program is working to improve the food security status of 18 villages by the end of 2023 by developing locally controlled and resilient food systems. The focus is on three villages per year in Sierra Leone and three in Liberia.  Youth are being provided with livelihood opportunities and ecologically sound and sustainable farming practices are being promoted.

The basic strategy is to build a one year food reserve, to be replenished each year, by engaging the youth in the local production and storage of food staples. This reserve will be used to provide food in times of high food insecurity and will serve as a seed bank.

Nutrition and kitchen gardening training are also taking place in each village and families are being encouraged to grow their own vegetables in home gardens.

Over three years this program will work in 18 communities to train 360 farmers which will benefit 2520 people.