Tanzania Tanzania Arusha


$31,882 needed of $85,000

Implementing Organization

Convoy of Hope

Program Summary

In 2021, Convoy of Hope worked with 408 women in the Arusha Region to help them farm a half acre of maize each. Through the provision of seed, fertilizer, pesticides, and technical assistance, each farmer saw exponential increase in their productivity and profitability. Average harvest was 1,000 kg of maize per ½ acre, whereas previous harvests in the area averaged 250-500 kg per ½ acre. Due to this success, Convoy of Hope is extending this program to assist a greater population throughout the Arusha Region.

In 2022 the number of participants will increase to approximately 600 women. Subsequent years will also increase the number of participants by about 50%. Many of the original participants will remain in the program though their involvement will emphasize them training the new participants, learning to save their profits for following years, and methodically becoming more independent until they can graduate out and farm all on their own.