Uganda Uganda Mt Elgon


$72,852 needed of $150,000

Implementing Organization

Lutheran World Relief (LWR)

Program Summary

The focus of this program is on improving profitability at the farm level by addressing key on-farm issues, professionalizing coffee picking and standardizing coffee processing.  Local partner Mountain Harvest has a goal of transforming Uganda’s coffee supply chain through a model that improves the quality of life for smallholder farmers and supports healthy and thriving natural ecosystems. Their approach emphasizes the need to boost productivity and improve profitability at the farm and enterprise levels. To achieve these benefits for farmers and communities, Mountain Harvest has developed an innovative service delivery model based on a deep understanding of smallholder farming systems as well as what influences local economies and farmer incomes.

Working with 1,000 farmers from the Mt. Elgon area of Uganda, the project focuses on increasing the quality and export price of Mountain Harvest’s coffee, enabling the company to pay farmers a price at least 20% higher than the prevailing farm gate price and to use the additional margin generated from higher prices to invest at the farm level, increasing farm productivity.


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