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World Renew

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The Zambia Lundazi program is working with communities in the Eastern part of Zambia who face limited access to food due to frequent droughts and high poverty rates.  The goal of this four-year program is to increase food security for 1,500 new households and continue working with 1,800 households that have been engaged in previous programs.  Participants are from 50 communities of Lundazi, Lumezi and Chasefu districts.  Program activities include the integrated application of Conservation Agriculture, the introduction of Village Savings and Loan Association groups, the promotion of diversified diets, and improved childhood nutrition through the diversification of crops grown.

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Success Stories

Business is Good. Very, Very Good.

Martha says that saving money and starting a business have completely transformed her life. She is a widow with four children who is also taking care of her late brother’s three. It was difficult for her to feed, clothe and pay school fees for all the kids, so she jumped at the chance to receive all the instruction that local partner Central Church of Africa Presbyterian, Zambia (CCAP) had to offer.

When CCAP was launching the Village Savings & Lending Association (VSLA) program in her community, she was among the first women to respond and start a group. After they got comfortable with saving money together and sharing their hopes and challenges every week, the small-business management classes got Martha thinking about starting a restaurant to help meet her financial needs.

After she’d launched the eatery, she took a small loan from the group to add value to her business. She purchased modern tables and chairs just to attract customers. The strategy worked well: the place is so busy she’s employed two more people to help.

As a member of the VSLA, Martha has access to investment capital, and that has made it possible to provide more comfortably for her family. She bought a piece of land on which she’ll build a home, and now owns a motorbike to use as a taxi service, with her son as driver. Her plan is to diversify the business by setting up a grocery, butcher shop, and vegetable stall.

“I really appreciate CCAP for bringing VSLA programs into my community. The classes have taught me to focus on my business, improved my work ethic, and made my household happier and healthier. I’m always thinking about the future and saving up so I can realize my goals,” Martha said.

Zambia Lundazi Program
Led by World Renew and Local Partner Central Church of Africa Presbyterian, Zambia (CCAP)