Iowa church sows seeds of hope through longtime partnership

Almost 20 years ago, some members of First Presbyterian Church in Conrad, Iowa, heard a presentation about a program in which U.S. farmers and churches team up to raise money to help subsistence farmers in various parts of the world.

Arlyn Schipper, a member who also happens to be a farmer, “looked at me after the meeting and said, ‘Why can’t we do that?’ and the rest is history,” said the Rev. Kerry Carson, longtime pastor of First Presbyterian.

Since then, the church has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars as a supporter of the program, Growing Hope Globally, which brings U.S. farmers, churches and surrounding communities together to raise money and awareness to reduce world hunger. The money allows poor communities around the globe to get tools and training to help in the growing of their own food, according to the Growing Hope website.

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