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From a No to a Yes, With Gratitude

May 13, 2024

At 16, Regina was plenty busy taking care of her younger siblings so her mom could work. She thought getting food security training would be a waste of time. At […]

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Beekeeping Strengthens Family & Community

December 28, 2023

Even though Julio only recently started beekeeping, his work is showing such promise that he’s being singled out as a possible future leader for the local program. He arrived 12 […]

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Abandoned? Empowered.

April 25, 2023

If anyone thinks migration to other countries is an easy way out for Central American communities, they should ask the families left behind. Especially the women. When it’s no longer […]

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Helping People Stay Put… With Chickens

September 20, 2022

People everywhere love their homes, families and communities, and generally choose to stay put, if they can, rather than take the huge risk of leaving to look for work. Local […]

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Beekeeping Knowledge Passed On

November 3, 2021

Don Adilio, an established beekeeper from a former program community, has been passing on his knowledge and expertise to others in conjunction with local partner APIDEC. Growing Hope Globally’s partners […]

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Raising Chickens Inspires Community Cohesion

April 16, 2021

Local partner APIDEC’s early baseline training modules in poultry raising have benefited the community during and after the March-September 2020 pandemic lockdown order. Because the program started during the dry […]

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