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From a No to a Yes, With Gratitude

May 13, 2024

At 16, Regina was plenty busy taking care of her younger siblings so her mom could work. She thought getting food security training would be a waste of time. At […]

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Thinking Beyond

December 28, 2023

Even though Hellen just joined the Farmer Field School in her village in July of 2023, life for her and her family has already improved. She immediately began attending sensitization […]

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Freed From the “Prison” of Poverty

December 15, 2023

If Jailosi’s extreme poverty had been a kind of prison from which he couldn’t escape, well, his successful farming and marketing have made him a free man. Before the program […]

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With Knowledge Comes … Everything Else

November 16, 2023

There’s a good chance that farmers everywhere might smile in recognition as Douglas tells how he and his fellow farmers first reacted to the idea of practicing Conservation Agriculture. “We […]

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Spirits Lifted, Burdens Reduced

October 13, 2023

In the two years Violet has been practicing Conservation Agriculture she has experienced a huge change in the ratio of her workload and yields: less backbreaking work, and more profitable […]

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One Innovation Follows Another

July 20, 2023

“Thank God this program landed at just the right time,” says Henry, who had been feeling despondent over his fruitless farming efforts in the face of drought and poor soils. […]

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April 25, 2023

Josias has seen an important increase in his yields after following Conservation Agriculture (CA) principles for the first time in his life. Local Partner Central Church of Africa Presbyterian, Zambia […]

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Work First, Blessings Later

Ramón says, “Ever since I knew my name was Ramon, I have been working the soil in order to put food on the table. I knew that any time I […]

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