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Great Achievement Despite Crisis After Crisis

January 7, 2022

Thanks to the dedication of participants and local partner alike, the goals of the two-year program that focused on animals, agriculture and adaptation were met according to plan! When seen against the backdrop of all that’s been happening in Haiti over the last two years, their achievement becomes even more remarkable. Among the countrywide and […]

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Working the Land Using Old Ways and New

September 16, 2021

Pepe appreciates the value of the varied techniques he’s learned as part of the agroecological approach to farming promoted by local partner GRADAID. The program builds on his own lifetime experience and retains some of the best aspects of community life while inspiring everyone with ways to adjust to changing realities. “I am a farmer,” […]

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Making the Best of Challenging Realities

October 23, 2020

Peron sees hope in farming now that he’s got a handle on soil conservation techniques. He, his wife and their six children farm his father’s land, which has been in the family since 1961. He has regularly lost his crops to drought, rain and high winds, and was more than ready for a change. He […]

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Animals, Agriculture, and Adaptation to Change

September 24, 2020

Despite turbulent times in Haiti and the world at large since this two-year program began in November of 2019, local partner AGEHPMDNG and participants have made strides toward their goal of improving the living conditions of 500 farm families in the country’s Northwest. Political upheaval, food shortages, the arrival of COVID-19 in Haiti, persistent drought […]

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Baseline Studies Set Foundation For Measuring Success

August 27, 2020

Most of the stories that we share at Growing Hope Globally highlight the successes and progress made by the communities we support. However, you might be wondering what things are like before our partners start a new program. Many of the programs we fund utilize baseline studies. They are typically conducted by program staff in […]

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Improving Food Security and the Treatment of Children in Haiti

January 28, 2020

Local partner SKDE works with 10 farmer cooperatives in Haiti’s Northwest and Artibonite departments. Although hundreds of program participants take part in a wide range of trainings, this report focuses on two. Improving the Lives of Children Poor families often have no alternative to sending their children to live with less-poor relatives, with the understanding […]

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