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Summer Internship 2020

May 4, 2020

Growing Hope Globally is hiring interns to join our team this summer.  Know someone who might be interested?  Please share the job description with them and encourage them to apply by May 15!  

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Self-Help Groups Empower Women

Meena’s exceptional patience, perseverance and courage are inspiring members of her Women’s Self Help Group to emulate her in putting into practice everything they learn from the program. When her husband became seriously ill, Meena took over leadership of the household and even got work as a day laborer to keep the family at least […]

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Crop Diversification Supports Food Security

April 30, 2020

Luís lives in the mountainous department of Matagalpa on land that has been in his family for generations.  He remembers his grandfather telling stories about when the farm was still fertile. When it came time for Luís to farm it, the soil was so degraded he was forced to rent elsewhere in order to get […]

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Back to the Farm, This Time for Good

April 29, 2020

When Rom heard that a non-profit was working to assist farmers near her village, she made a life-changing decision and went back home to her little girl. A widowed rice farmer, she’d been forced to leave her daughter with her mother and head for the city to try to earn enough for them to survive. […]

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Water Collection Tanks Improve Dryland Living

April 23, 2020

A 1000-gallon rain-collection tank has made living in the so-called central “dry corridor” of Nicaragua easier for Bertha and Luís and their family of six. As a family dedicated entirely to agriculture, their involvement over the last six years with local partner Fundación San Lucas has helped them thrive in an increasingly unpredictable climate. Bertha […]

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Mushroom Earnings Improve Family Health

April 21, 2020

Mushroom farmer Kimsroan says, with a big smile, “I used to earn very little from growing rice, cassava and cashews on my small plot of land. Sometimes we ran out of food before the year ended. But now, thanks to mushroom farming, I have enough money to provide for my family.” Kimsroan says he has […]

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“Forgotten” Communities Now Have a Plan

April 9, 2020

Long-standing community organizations in “forgotten” villages near the border with Haiti will be getting welcome attention from Church World Service and local partner SSID, in a new three-year phase of the former Dominican Republic Bateyes program. These communities lack opportunities and basic infrastructure, so people often have to walk miles to a crossroads to catch […]

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Overcoming Farming Challenges During Drought

April 7, 2020

There has been a prolonged drought in the southern and central district of Chamwino in Tanzania. But farmers who have followed the conservation agriculture (CA) principles of minimum tillage, crop rotation, and keeping the soil covered to retain moisture will harvest something this year. The program’s volunteer “animators” – farmers who learn and use CA […]

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Getting Ahead of Debt and Disappointments

April 6, 2020

Joining the Nepal Jahada program’s vegetable farming group was the beginning of the end of Mr. Hembram’s overwhelming burdens. With a family of seven depending on him (including his wife, children, and parents), he twice attempted to earn a better income by growing eggplant but, without technical advice, he was unable to turn a profit. […]

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Community Success is Personal Happiness

April 1, 2020

Right about the time Angelina and her family were going through very tough times, local partner ADIP arrived in their community with an offer of training and support. Angelina says, “Nowadays I can see how lots of families that used to feel desperate like me are improving themselves and feeling hopeful.” Just how did things […]

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