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Interview with Max Finberg, Growing Hope Globally

June 4, 2020

The following interview was originally published on Growing Hope Globally is grateful to have received a $50,000 grant from Rick Steves’ Climate Smart Commitment. Growing Hope Globally (Growing Hope) works with farmers and community groups in the US to fight hunger in developing countries. We spoke with President and CEO Max Finberg to learn how our […]

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Continually Finding Ways to Improve

May 19, 2020

Mario, a farmer in the Castrovirreyna program, says that what he’s learned helps him overcome “tragic moments” and challenges. “I have my garden, my potatoes, my barley to feed me.” According to a recent report from local partner CEDINCO, families in these high Andean plains are incorporating solid habits regarding nutrition and food handling. Children […]

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Agriculture and Entrepreneurship

Agriculture is the traditional and ancestral occupation of Doman’s family. He loves to share his farming expertise and experience with people, to experiment with new ideas in agriculture, and he tends to take risks. But it was hard to make a good living until he started his nursery business. Doman met some nursery growers and […]

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At Long Last, A Chance to Live and Prosper

May 12, 2020

Petrona, a community leader, is finally experiencing peace and the joys of a dependable livelihood after a lifetime of experiencing the horrors and hardship foisted on the indigenous people of Guatemala during the armed conflict of 1960-1996. Petrona grew up on “a small patch of land where we grew corn and had a few cows […]

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From Subsistence to Sustainability

May 11, 2020

Mr. Drosing and his family of ten have always depended on agriculture for food and income, but it wasn’t until he joined the Umsning program in 2015 that farming became a passion for him … and a good living. He got 27 other farmers in his village to form a Farmers Club so they could […]

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On the Frontiers of Hope in Honduras

May 7, 2020

This story was originally published on the Bread for the World blog and is featured in the 2020 Hunger Report: Better Nutrition, Better Tomorrow Growing Hope Globally is an organization founded by U.S. farmers that provides support for smallholder farmers around the world. “Our mission is to help hungry people know the dignity of helping […]

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Sowing Hope in Indiana

May 5, 2020

Pleasant Chapel spreads smiles and love near and far by Val Kline Note: This article was originally published in the May 2020 Edition of the Church of the Brethren Messenger Magazine as part of the Small Churches Big Hearts series, highlighting small congregations in the Church of the Brethren that aren’t letting their size limit their vision for ministry. Download PDF […]

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Summer Internship 2020

May 4, 2020

Growing Hope Globally is hiring interns to join our team this summer.  Know someone who might be interested?  Please share the job description with them and encourage them to apply by May 15!  

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Self-Help Groups Empower Women

Meena’s exceptional patience, perseverance and courage are inspiring members of her Women’s Self Help Group to emulate her in putting into practice everything they learn from the program. When her husband became seriously ill, Meena took over leadership of the household and even got work as a day laborer to keep the family at least […]

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Crop Diversification Supports Food Security

April 30, 2020

Luís lives in the mountainous department of Matagalpa on land that has been in his family for generations.  He remembers his grandfather telling stories about when the farm was still fertile. When it came time for Luís to farm it, the soil was so degraded he was forced to rent elsewhere in order to get […]

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