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Raising Small Animals for Better Nutrition, More Income

September 11, 2019

Small-animal micro-businesses are helping 60 families in 12 communities in Central Honduras reduce child malnutrition and get ahead. Training and support for raising pigs, chickens, tilapia, and honeybees allows them to produce more food and supplement what they earn from wage work on area coffee, sugarcane and cattle farms. Planting small vegetable gardens improves their […]

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A Win-Win for Farmers and Private Service Providers

September 3, 2019

Munna K., a farmer in disaster-prone Bihar State in Eastern India, is putting his experience to work for the good of fellow farmers and to increase his own income. He was an early adopter of an improved rice variety, agreeing to plant a demonstration plot for others to learn from. A few neighbors initially mocked […]

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Neighbors Benefit by Watching Program Farmers

August 15, 2019

A recent communication from Mwenezi proudly reports 130 known “spontaneous adopters” alongside the 370 participant farmers, all whom are benefiting from practicing conservation agriculture (CA) techniques. The adopters are neighbors of registered participants who observe farm activities like mulching and planting in holes, see results, ask questions, and decide to try the techniques on their […]

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Growing Hope Globally holds national Summer Celebration in Conrad

August 6, 2019

This article was originally published in the Times-Republican. Story and photo by Chuck Friend, Contributing Writer CONRAD, IA — Iowa farmers who are part of Growing Hope Globally celebrated the group’s 20th anniversary with volunteers from across the U.S. at its National Summer Celebration held July 26-27 at BCLUW High School in Conrad. Max Finberg, current […]

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U.S. farmers provide a legacy of hope overseas

July 31, 2019

The following article published in Michigan Farmer chronicles a trip made by Rachel Conley, associate regional director for Growing Hope Globally, and Emily Vincent, a Growing Hope Globally intern, to observe food security programs the group has sponsored in Nepal and Cambodia.

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Community Action Plans Prepare The Way for a Brighter Future

June 27, 2019

Kadzo, once poor and marginalized, has become a successful farmer and an esteemed member of her community after participating in every workshop and opportunity offered by the Kenya Magarini program. She’s putting money aside in her Village Savings & Lending Association to get her children through college by selling vegetables and goats, and soon she […]

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Healthy Children and a Mother’s Happy Heart

June 18, 2019

Just when they needed it most, Shahin and her family got life-changing support from the program. She and her husband have three daughters and two sons ranging in age from 14 to three. All but the youngest are in school, and her husband is a day laborer at a local jute mill. It’s mostly been […]

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“We Have Now Renewed our Hope in Life”

June 7, 2019

Othman’s desperate household situation has improved because of a gift of rabbits and training. He is the sole provider for a family of 14 in a crowded city whose residents face many restrictions, including travel, and where opportunities for employment are scarce. He’s somehow managed to find occasional jobs that have kept the family alive […]

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University Extension Workers Provide Training on Improved Nutrition and Sanitation

June 3, 2019

One year into this program in a very challenging geopolitical situation, local staff and university extension workers continue to bring solutions and hope to farmers resettling in the area after conflict forced them to flee. While the peace agreement in South Sudan is fragile, the East/Central county of Uror is generally calm, and people are […]

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Catalino Finds Success in Climate-Sensitive Farming

May 21, 2019

Retired pastor Catalino, 60, used to work as a laborer on a big coffee farm. Now, thanks to a loan, training and support from Growing Hope, World Renew, and their local partner AMC, he owns his own land and supports his wife and 11 children through farming. Once he got his land, Catalino joined a […]

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