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Coffee and Rabbits Improve Income

February 16, 2024

“To be honest, this rabbit project is a godsend,” says young coffee farmer Benjamin. Local partner and coffee buyer Mountain Harvest and participating coffee farmers have certainly revolutionized expectations for […]

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Rabbits Help Hassan’s Family to Thrive

November 16, 2023

Note: this story reflects program activities for the period ending September 30, 2023, before the “hostilities” and “conflicts” became war on October 7. Our hearts are always with the children, […]

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Slow, Steady Commitment to Food Security Work

August 11, 2023

Living high in the Andes mountains of Peru definitely isn’t easy. Thin air. Freezing nights, burning sun and damaging hail storms. Poverty. Remoteness from municipalities that can offer basic infrastructure […]

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Something’s Fishy in Jahada

July 20, 2023

Community savings and loan groups are a good way for women in the programs we support around the world to get ahead. But how can they save money without having […]

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Satisfying a Hunger for Knowledge

February 20, 2023

Women like Elizabeth who participate in this new program’s Farmer Groups are already experiencing the benefits of practicing sustainable farming and animal husbandry. Dimoria builds on the successes in Umsning […]

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A Little Advice Goes A Long Way

June 3, 2021

At a recent gathering called a “sharing meeting,” a woman named Banyua related how her animal husbandry business experienced a complete turnaround with the help of a Household Advisor.  These […]

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